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The ice skating industry is an immense growing industry that has captured the lives of many people; young and old, male and female.

We design and fabricate the highest quality refrigeration product for any sport in order to produce the best possible ice in the artificial ice industry.

We can custom design or fabricate to your exact specifications, including heat recovery systems. We also fabricate custom floor packages for artificial ice surfaces, consisting of rink pipe, pipe chairs, headers and all necessary materials for a complete heat and cool floor system.

  • Heat recovery refrigeration systems to meet any design specification.
  • Standard Ammonia and/or Freon Refrigeration Packages
  • Complete customer fabricated packages - "no extras are necessary"
  • Condenser support structures or stands
  • Steel Headers
  • PVC Headers
  • Polyfusion Headers
  • Custom designed header supports
  • Ammonia relief tanks
  • Stainless Steel tanks
  • Custom built snowmelt pit coils

Our care and attention to detail in every skid design maximizes performance while protecting the equipment and allowing easy access, which will save you money in maintenance and service in years to come.

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