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GLOBAL’S Bench type Bleacher seating is custom designed to each project’s requirement. This provides optimum sight lines for the spectators and maximizes the seating capacity required for the project.

The Bleacher System consists of a galvanized steel understructure, formed aluminum footboards and risers and a choice of seating styles. All structural elements are Canadian Welding Bureau Approved (CWB).

The Bleachers are designed to meet all provincial and Federal Building Codes.





These Bleachers have the same specifications as mentioned above but instead of using aluminum planks for spectators to sit On, we install our Endura Seat Planks.

Endura Seat Plank HDPE plastic lumber is manufactured from purified blends of post consumer, pre-consumer and/or virgin HDPE (high density polyethylene) based resins. Antioxidant processing aids, UV-inhibited pigments, foaming agents and other compounds are introduced pending the end use and customer needs

Manufactured to Exact Specifications

Essentially maintenance free due to exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping and other common outcomes from environmental stress that one observes with common wood or wood fiber composite products. Requires no waterproofing, staining, or other common reoccurring maintenance other than the occasional washing with soap and water to remove dirt and debris if desired. Very color stable due to UV pigment systems which resist breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure. Uniform finish with deep rich color options

Typical Applications

Extremely well suited for exterior applications where resistance to weathering and minimal maintenance is required but the high value appearance must be maintained such as color stability and surface finish over the useful service life.

Endura Seat Planking comes with a 50 YEAR Warranty.




Permanent steel grandstand structures provide permanent seating at an economical cost per seat. If seating is your only need and budget constraints mandate initial construction economy the Global Permanent steel grandstand will be your best choice.

For future needs, this structure can easily be expanded to provide additional seating capacity. Steel Roof systems can be constructed to cover the seating area partially or in its entirety. Understructure is available in weathering steel, galvanized steel or painted steel.

Our designs emphasize individual seating requirements such as comfort, unobstructed sightline, noise reduction etc., but always maximize safety through strict compliance with various provincial, state, national and international codes.

We offer maximum utilization of space and color, in a comfortable environment that will please spectators at a price that will please the owners.



  • Portland cement concrete is the ultimate choice for maximum longevity and minimum maintenance. When your needs require both seating and usable waterproofed space underneath that seating, the Pre-Cast Grandstands will probably be the most cost effective structure.
  • Outstanding Features of the Pre-cast Concrete Grandstand System. Riser/deck structure is waterproofed allowing the total area beneath the seating to be enclosed and developed into usable space without the use of a separate roof system under the seating area.
  • The complete concrete system is noncombustible. This results in lower insurance premiums.
  • The concrete system requires minimum maintenance as the total system can be pressure washed or swept after events. Space under plank seats allows easy broom access.
  • The non-cluttered main support structure offers ease of construction for facilities under the seating.
  • The total pre-cast concrete will be jobsite cast resulting in the use of local labor, materials and equipment to the maximum extent possible.
  • The clean lines of the completed structure are aesthetically pleasing resulting in a very attractive as well as cost effective structure. PRE-CAST CONCRETE GRANDSTANDS GLOBAL SPORT RESOURCES



This semi-closed deck system utilizes mill finished aluminum extrusions, which are placed next to each other and securely fastened to the understructure to fill the footboard area, providing a solid walking surface. Aluminum riserboards are placed between the footboards and the seat to leave a gap under the seat that is code compliant and less than four inches.

This closed deck system utilizes aluminum extrusions, which are placed next to each other and securely fastened to the understructure to provide a solid and completely closed walking surface, which will not allow any major debris to fall through the bleacher. Aluminum riserboards are placed between the footboards eliminating any large gaps between rows.

This fully closed deck system joins the footboards and riserboards with a tongue-and-groove design for higher performance.





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