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Sport Facility Accessories

We carry a full range of recreational products from reflective insulation, portable Seating and Deck Cover Panels

GSR Reflective Insulation

This product has been specifically designed for insulating commercial and residential buildings, reducing the amount of radiant heat transfer. GSR Reflective Insulation is a double layer of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between two highly reflective aluminum surfaces.

GSR Portable Folding Seating

For Arenas and Venues where additional seating is required for special events. Chair is manufactured with a heavy gauge steel frame with the seat designed to rotate from the open position to the up position during use for an easy entry and exit. The seat features a 1.5" seat cushion and a backrest 1" thick to provide comfort to the spectator. Chairs have an interlocking ganging device that keeps them space 18.25" apart. The metal finish is powder coated to the customers choice. Upholstery selection as per customers choice. Logos are available Minimum 25 year limited metal frame warranty.

GSR IEvent Deck Cover Panels

EventDeck Ice modules connect on all sides using our uniquely engineered inter-module connection system.

This benefit creates a rigid and seamless floor that will not move around or slide on the ice.

Each EDIce module is composed of two separate pieces connected to form a single module. The pieces trap air inside insulating the floor, keeping the top surface warm and helping to prevent condensation. The flat bottom piece is designed to eliminate ruts in the ice from waffle type designs and to provide traction to prevent tile slipping.

This design allows for partial installations of the floor while maintaining a sturdy surface. Pre-assembled 3 X 4 sheets weighing less than 20 lbs. are easy to handle during installations and breakdowns, an 85' X 200' rink can be installed with 8-10 workers in less than 2 hours.

Additionally, EventDeck Ice is manufactured using a hi-impact polypropylene plastic giving it a high compressive strength accommodating weight loads of 20,000 lbs. per square foot static load and no absorption of moisture.

The plastic composition means there is never an issue of splintering which happens with fiberglass based products.

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